It's something you feel.
It's something you create.
It's something you live.

We've all felt it—maybe at work, or while playing a sport—you're totally engaged, performing at our peak, but it feels effortless, and time flies by. That's Resonance. Although the feeling is nothing new, the process for creating, maintaining and using it in our lives is.

The Resonance Performance Model™(RPM)

Developed by Doug Newburg, P.h.D, RPM is a revolutionary process that can be learned and used by anyone to engage more fully with life and feel more energized and enhance personal performance.

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Jeff Rouse,

Olympic gold medallist, Jeff Rouse, talks about Resonance.

What People are Saying

"Dr. Newburg has gathered valuable insights that can serve to benefit all who wish to be successful."

Howie Long, Pro Football Hall of Fame