It's All in the Smile

Trust. When you're in a dentist's chair, it's all that matters. You need to know that your concerns will be addressed. That your dentist will really listen to you, and give you the personal care and professional skill you need. You can trust Dr. Adams to give you and your family the very best in dental care.

We take a personal approach that helps you avoid painful emergencies. It's an approach that keeps patients from Sterling to Round Hill, Leesburg to Middleburg, coming back, year after year.

Dr. Adams specializes in:

Expert Preventive Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Making Patients Feel Comfortable and Confident

Giving You a Beautiful Smile

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"Dr. Adams brings an incredible level of technical skill to his dentistry. But more importantly, he's an artist—and the most caring, considerate dentist I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. If Dr. Adams ever leaves Leesburg, my smile is going with him."

Shannon Sollinger,
Hamilton, VA